Laser Engraving

Many people desire the option of customizing their tungsten carbide jewelry. Traditionally with gold, titanium, and platinum rings, jewelers would etch the desired engraving onto the jewelry and all would be okay. Tungsten Carbide is much different from traditional metals. Due to the extreme hardness of tungsten carbide traditional etching will result in a non-attractive and sometimes result in weakening the ring itself.

Tungsten Direct recommends that ANY engraving for tungsten carbide jewelry should be performed with a laser engraver. Laser engraving does not damage the tungsten in any way. No force is applied to the ring, all engraving is performed by computer controlled lasers that can precisly etch the desired message into an ultra sharp and crisp finished product regardless of the size of the text.

Since tungsten bands cannot be resized and engraved jewelry cannot be refunded or exchanged we recommend that the following steps are taken to ensure that your ring will indeed be just right for you.

Need to send your ring in for engraving? – CLICK HERE FOR A RMA FORM

How to get laser engraving for your ring?

  1. Add the ring to your shopping cart with the desired size
  2. Select "Yes" in the engraving drop down box.
  3. Enter the engraving text in the text area.
  4. Click "Add To Cart" button to purchase the service and your ring.
  5. If you engravings on both inside and outside, you will have to purchase this service twice (contact us for exterior engraving details since there may be limitations depending on the exterior design).
  6. If you select "Other" for the font choice there may be additional costs depending on the complexity of the desired font. Custom engravigs that contain images or characters not available through standard fonts may also incur additional charges.

Fonts you may choose from

Laser engraving examples

Our laser engraving policy for tungsten rings

  • Standard Fee: $40
  • Includes 20 characters, including spaces. Extra characters are $1/ea.
  • Engraved items are FULLY covered under our lifetime warranty
  • Engraved items CAN be exchanged but not refunded
  • The ring has to be tried on to ensure correct sizing before being sent back for engraving
  • A service agreement has to be signed and sent back along with the ring (included as part of the RMA#)
  • It might take 1-2 weeks for you to receive the engraved ring after we receive it back from you. This includes the processing time in our custom work department and mailing it back to you.
  • We only engrave rings purchased from our store due to liability reasons
  • Rings that require warranty service or size exchanges require a $40 deductible + 50% of the original engraving cost.
  • Custom engraving can be performed. This includes; custom designs, exterior engraving, custom fonts etc. Please contact us for a quote if this is of interest to you.
  • By default the inside (interior) face of the ring will be engraved. Upon special request we may be able to engrave the outside (exterior) face of the ring for an additional $25.